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Where Turtles help us learn about our world
  1. It is that time of year to reflect on what we are grateful for. The meaning of grateful is ‘showing appreciation for a kindness’. Basically, being thankful. Kindness is certainly a character trait of Tyler. In the book, “Tyler goes to the Olympics?” you see how much Tyler cares for his relatives, friends, and his […]
  2. Today is International Sloth Day . We cannot let the day pass without honoring Tyler the turtle’s friend Smikael the sloth. Our furry friend can be found hiding in trees and all sorts of other crazy places. We wanted to take a picture of Smikael and post it, however he hid so well we haven’t […]
  3. We just got back from a trip to Hawaii where the book was unveiled to our family. It was quite a challenge all these months to keep it a secret, but we were successful. Our son, daughter in law and first grandchild were introduced to “Tyler goes to the Olympics?” and the craziness surrounding Tyler […]
  4. One of the recurring animals in the Adventures of Tyler the turtle is Smikael the sloth. There is a back story to this character involving a long running family tradition. We would hide a character we called Smikael in different and unexpected places around the house. He would show up at the most unexpected times […]
  5. Why write about turtles and adventures? We love turtles around here, and thought that they can do more than fight crime and do martial arts. We want the Adventures of Tyler to be fun, educational, and give us the ability to help our children learn to make choices. Adding other animals in the mix is […]